Custom Cuba Educational Tours

Thanks to Steve’s extensive experience leading groups to Cuba for educational, cultural, and religious purposes, we are constantly being asked to organize non-photography related tours. We are now offering Custom Cuba Educational Tour.

Custom Cuba Educational Tours can be arranged for from one to as many persons as you like although the more participants the lower the cost per person will be, in most cases.

Examples of Custom Cuba Educational Tours would be:

  • Dancing tour
  • Music tour
  • Club tour
  • Gourmet food tour
  • Santaria religion tour
  • Scuba diving
  • Anything else you might like to explore

A typical custom educational tour would include 5 nights in Cuba, a guide experienced in the area of Cuban culture you are most interested in exploring, accommodations, most meals (some meals would be left open so you could explore on your own), round trip airfare from Miami, Cuban visa, license to travel legally in Cuba, and ground transportation while in Cuba.

3 nights in the international beach resort of Veradero is available as an add-on package.

" For more information Send a Query  and feel free to reach out by sending a query about what you would be most interested in exploring while in Cuba. We are here to assist you in planning your tour and answering any questions you may have."

Custom Cuba Educational Tours

Mellow jazz at 304 O'Reilly

Papier-mâché artist, Lazaro, in his home.