Award Contributors

The International Documentary Photography Scholarship was established in 2016 as a result of my experience teaching documentary photography at Oregon State University. The students in my classes became passionately engaged in projects they didn’t know they had an interest in until they began to photograph and write about them. The scholarship has already stimulated students to look, think, and become involved in their lives and communities. These are the journalists and activists of tomorrow; people that are willing to take the time to complete a documentary project. They may not change the world, but at least they’re willing to try.

The majority of our applicants are from the U.S., but also northern Europe, Africa, Mid-East, and Asia.

There are many very deserving applicants but only enough funds for one award.From time-to-time, generous donors who believe in the scholarship, donate additional funds. If we receive $500 from one or collectively from several donors, we offer a Second Place award. If we receive $100 but less than $500 we offer Honorable Mentions of $100 each. This year, 2021, we received $900 in donations from five donors. We were able to offer a $500 second prize and four $100 Honorable Mentions.

If you would like to help change the world in a positive way by encouraging young people to become engaged in the issues of our time, please consider donating to this fund.

To make a donation please contact the scholarship committee HERE.

We wish to thank our Award Contributors to the International Documentary Scholarship Fund

Juan Boldizsar, St. Louis, Missouri

John Sarsgard, Easton, Connecticut

Richard Petronio, Seattle, Washington

Thomas & Patricia Hart, Ashland, Ohio
"Supporting young people and their pursuit of the arts is important to us."

Rosemarie & Peter Heinegg, Schenectady, NY