10-Day Vietnam Photography Workshop

Hanoi - Hoi An - Hue - Phong Nha - Hanoi

October 14 to October 24, 2024

Steve has had the biggest impact on my photography in the last 40 years. He’s a Pro, an Artist and an Educator.”
~Tom Hart, Ashland, Ohio

Message from Steve

I first began visiting Cuba in 2001. At that time it was in the process of reinventing itself, from a hothouse of revolution to a tourist destination. Today, Cuba still holds its charm and unique photo opportunities, but it is not what it was when I first visited.

Vietnam is beginning to reinvent itself. Like Cuba it is beginning to awaken to the possibilities of tourism. Within five years it won’t be the Vietnam we know today, it will be a tourist destination with Starbucks and McDonald’s fighting for turf. That’s good for the Vietnamese, but as photographers and adventurers we are always searching for the authentic experience.

If you have been waiting for the photography experience of a lifetime, this is it.

About the Workshop

Prepare to immerse yourself in authentic Vietnam culture. With Hanoi as our starting and ending point, for ten days we will traverse the mountains and forests of the northern region of Vietnam. During that time, we will engage with the people of Vietnam in small towns and villages, photographing and experiencing their way of life.

From Hanoi, we will fly to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An and begin our way back through the beautiful Hai Van Pass to the imperial city of Hue. In Phong Nha, located on the Con River, we will have three days of homestay on a farm with daily excursions to photograph villages and the countryside. There will even be an optional day traveling the back roads on motorcycles (alternate transport will be provided for those who do not want to ride on a motorcycle). As a special treat, we will visit the spectacular Phong Nha Cave, which has underground rivers, passages, and Cham altars from the 10th century.

And finally, back to Hanoi.

You may work with digital or film capture with any camera, from a cell phone to a DSLR. I can help you improve your photography with either.

NOTE: This is a small group workshop. Space is limited.

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help and expert advice! It gave me a jump start after a very long photography freeze!”
Elise Bjorkman, Tualitan, Ore.