Introduction to Exposure X6 Software

Introduction to Exposure X6

Exposure X6 is an advanced, non-destructive RAW photo editor and organizer. It handles a full post processing workflow. Its streamlined, non-destructive workflow speeds users through organizing so they can focus on being creative. In this demonstration, professional wedding photographer, Jimmy Beech, will take you on a tour through the program. He will show how to […]

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Calibrate your monitor

Do You Really Need to Calibrate Your Monitor

by Steve Anchell If you upload your images directly to Instagram or Facebook from your capture device, and then move on to capturing the next great image, then you don’t need to calibrate your monitor. But if you take your photography seriously and want to get the most out of each image, then you do.  […]

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Mollie - synchro-sunlight -


by Steve Anchell Filling deep shadows with artificial light has been a part of photo technique since the invention of flash powder in the 1880s. Synchronizing a handheld flash with ambient sunlight is a terrific way to soften shadows and create professional looking images. Synchro-sunlight or fill flash, two names by which it is often […]

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M8 Test 1070

Witching Hour – Night Photography

by Steve Anchell It’s half past midnight on All Hallow’s Eve. I’m surrounded by Killer Clowns from Outer Space, spooks, goblins, and witches. The Grim Reaper hurries past with his girlfriend, Jack the Ripper is hot on his heels. But wait, there’s Elvis! I thought he was dead! The Joker is wild, Ronald McDonald is […]

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Digital Noise Reduction

by Steve Anchell What is Noise? Noise is a broad term used to describe undesirable visual artifacts in an image, often accompanied by an overall degradation of sharpness. Noise is not unique to digital photography, but a side effect that occurs with all electronic devices: the background hiss of a radio or the distorted sound […]

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Legal travel to Cuba - Calibrate your monitor

Legal Travel to Cuba

Legal Travel to Cuba New travel restrictions were issued by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) on June 4, 2019, to take effect the following day. The most important change is that cruise ships are no longer allowed to sail to or from the U.S. to Cuba. The second biggie is the elimination of […]

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Steve Anchell in Havana | Havana, Cuba | Steve Anchell Cuba Photography Workshop and Photo Tours of Cuba

Interview with Steve Anchell

Greetings! We thought you might be interested in viewing an online video interview with Steve Anchell. The interview was conducted by Alex Schulz at Photography Talk has chosen Anchell Photography Workshops to be included in their list of best photography workshops of 2018.

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David Watson - Bebop - video - Portland Film Festival - Philadelphia Film Festival

David Watson: Dr. of Bebop

Trailer for David Watson: Dr. of Bebop Congratulations are in order. My documentary short, David Watson: Dr. of Bebop, has been accepted in a second film festival. It first appeared in the February 2018 Philadelphia Film Festival, and now it will appear on October 28 at 12 pm, in the Portland Film Festival. In this […]

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ThinkTank Photo

MindShift Gear: Think Tank Photo’s Brand for the Serious Outdoor Photographer Who would have thought that a conservation photographer’s strongest shield would be a roll of toilet paper? And yet, says MindShift Gear’s co-founder, renowned conservation photographer Daniel Beltrá, he never ventures into the wilds of the Amazon without it. Operating at the extremes of […]

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