May 4, 2019

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Nobody knows Cuba like Steve.

Fine Art Nude
Photography Workshop in Cuba
December 3 to 9, 2019

Havana NUDE photo workshop - Cuba

Cuba is not only an exotic destination, but it also has one-of-a-kind locations for fine art nude photography. In this nude photography workshop, you will have the opportunity to create unique images inside neoclassic and art deco homes as well as crumbling concrete structures. Examples of the amazing range of locations and working styles can be seen in the accompanying photos made on the 2017 Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop in Cuba.

Digital Photography in Practice
Hot Springs Photo Festival
May 25 to 27, 2019

Hot Springs Photography Festival - Arkansas

A 3-day intensive workshop with Steve Anchell, author of Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras: Getting the Most from Your MILC.

The emphasis on this three-day workshop will be on improving your skills using unique features of MILC and DSLR cameras.

Havana Street
Photography Workshop
December 12 to 20, 2019

Man watching woman - Trinidad - Cuba Photo Workshops - havana - camaguay - santiago de cuba

Cuba: a photographer’s paradise. Whether it's people, architecture, or landscape; cities or villages; old cars or horse drawn carriages; Cuba is the place to be and now is the time to be there. Sponsored by the Cuban Photographers’ Union, Fototeca, this is a workshop to learn and practice the techniques of street photography as taught by Steve Anchell at the International Center of Photography in NYC.

Santiago de Cuba
Photography Workshop
April 25 to May 4, 2019

Santiago de Cuba photography workshop - havana - camaguay - santiago de cuba

You haven’t seen the real Cuba until you’ve been to Santiago de Cuba. One thousand miles as the crow flies and light years apart from Havana, Santiago de Cuba is the center of Afro-Cuban culture and the Santeria religion. Everything in Cuba begins in Santiago, from music to revolutions, and it’s all fueled by rum.  At least one visit to Santiago is essential to fully understand Cuba.

Best Peru Photo Workshop
Cusco & the Amazon Jungle
July 25 to August 5, 2019

Fiestas Patrias - Machu Picchu - Peru Photography Expedition - Peru Photo Expedition - Peru Photography Workshop - Peru Photo Workshop - Cusco

The Peru Photography workshop in the Cusco Valley and Amazon Jungle will take you to hidden places deep in the Andes including one of the wonders of the ancient world – Machu Picchu, city of the Incas. We will photograph off-the-beaten-tourist-track villages and areas not yet discovered. The workshop will include instruction on portraits, landscape, wildlife, documentary, and night photography.


Not only did you help my photography technically and aesthetically but most importantly you motivated me to want to pick up my camera once again after a long time.”

Stavros Bashiardes
Strovolos, Cyprus


Thank you for guiding us and letting us explore and take advantage of what I may describe as a most creative road all through Habana Vieja with spontaneous detours.  This was not just another 'out of the box trip' but a thoroughly creative and unique adventure.

Thomas Hartmann
Asheville, N. Car.


This was one of the greatest adventures we have experienced. Exploring and learning about Havana was totally worth the trip. To add an overnight stay in the rural tobacco country was ‘over the top’ wonderful.

Doris Potter
Eugene, Ore.

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