Portfolio Review & Image Critique

One of the hardest things a creative person can do is give someone else their work and say, “Tell me what you think.”  You think your work is great.  But what if they don't like it?  What if they say you're no good? 

A portfolio review is one of the best and fastest ways to improve in almost every aspect of your photography.  From composition, camera settings, post processing, and even storytelling and image theory, you'll learn so much when you talk to someone about your photos. 

While anyone, including experienced photographers, can give their opinion on your work, unless they have experience reviewing and critiquing photography what you are most likely to get is, “I really like this, don’t do anything different,” or “I don’t like this, maybe if you made it more red,” or something to that affect. This type of feedback is usually of little or no value when it comes to advancing either your work or your career.

Finding someone who has a broad range of experience in photography and in viewing and critiquing work will provide you with solid, well-articulated, honest advice.

Private Online Sessions with Steve Anchell

There are times in everyone's artistic career that they need advice, assistance, or training. Whether it is career advice, help with Lightroom or Photoshop, or a portfolio critique, it's good to know you have someone with experience to call upon

Steve Anchell is ideally trained to assist you improve your photography and advance your career. He began his career as a large format landscape photographer, and has worked professionally in fashion, glamor, studio, fine art nude, portraits, wedding, documentary, street, architecture, and wildlife photography. He has taught for UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Oregon State University, and the University of Denver. He has also been the editor of two print-edition photography magazines, Focus Fine Art Photography and Photovision: Art & Technique.

Hal Jacobs Rancho Mirage, Calif.

“Thank you for all your hard work in making me a better photographer. You have helped open up a whole new world for me.”

Elise Bjorkman Tualitan, Ore.

“Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help and expert advice! It gave me a jump start after a very long photography freeze!”

Weaver Barksdale Brentwood, Tenn.

“After wandering through the photographic wilderness for more than forty years the hour I spent with you was without question the best time and money that I have ever invested in photography.”

Fritz Fenyvessy Austin, Tex.

“I believe that a great teacher creates an environment that allows for growth and development without trying to push a singular vision of what a photograph should be to be successful. This is what Steve does for all of his students.”

All of Steve's private sessions take place on a face-to-face Zoom call where you can share screens, discuss and work on images.

$100 / hour

To arrange a one-on-one session please contact Steve using this FORM.

Steve Arnold Carmel, Ind.

“I entered three prints in a local regional all media juried show. Two got in!! Thanks for the training.”

Philip Miller Los Gatos, Calif.

“I have a publisher, a distributor, and the images I need to create a beautiful book - thanks largely to you.”

Charles & Helene Miller Philadelphia, Penn.

“We wanted to let you know that we have an exhibition up. Our first one! You are in large part responsible for this small but very important success for us.”

John Ouyang Beijing, China

“I published an article in the Chinese photography magazine Photography Companion ... I mentioned that you are the most influential teacher to my photography.”

Private portfolio reviews, image critiques, and career advice are all conducted online via Zoom. The sessions are recorded and may be downloaded.

$100 / hour

To arrange a portfolio review please contact Steve via this FORM. He will answer any questions regarding the review and what you can expect. An agreed upon time will then be set for the two of you to meet for one hour on Zoom to review and discuss your portfolio, individual images, and how to advance your career.

Portfolio Review