Wild Horse Photography Workshop

May 26 to 30, 2023

Registration is Closed for This Workshop

Please send an email with your name and the subject: Wild Horse Waiting List and we will keep you informed.

A malfunctioning meter system. No sleep. Breathtaking scenery. Magnificent horses. Wonderful people. The BEST guide. Riding alongside a group of running wild horses. A spiritual awakening. Visions. What an amazing workshop! How could you possibly top all that? Looking forward to the next one.” Stacy Duckett, Austin, Texas

Are you ready for high adventure? Do you want to try something new?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, join Steve for three full days of wild horse photography in the badlands of Wyoming. Steve is an expert in locating and photographing wild horses, and he'll do his best to position you up-front and personal.

Late May is the best time to photograph wild horses. The mares will have foaled, and the herds will be down from the high country to forage and find water. The colts will be frisky and not be too dependent on the mares.

We'll start before sunrise and follow the horse's trail until mid-morning. Back to town for lunch and to beat the heat. At 3 or 4 P.M., we'll head back out and try our luck until just before sunset and make our way back in time for dinner and to edit the day's work. An evening session may be available on Sunday, May 28.

There will be two SUVs for the 8 participants driven by Steve and his assistant, Dan Henderson, retired fire chief and EMT. Seats will be rotated to ensure everyone has a chance at a window seat.

If you love horses and enjoy doing something off the map, then don't miss this opportunity to practice your wild horse photography skills.

Wild Horse Photography Workshop
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