In the last year, we have experienced an unprecedented freedom of travel to Cuba from the U.S. Under the current guidelines all you need to do is state that you are traveling for educational purposes and you can board any commercial flight to the island, from many major airports in the U.S.

However, the freedom to travel to Cuba is based on a Presidential order, which means just because President Obama has liberalized travel doesn’t mean President Trump won’t revoke it.

What we know is that Mr. Trump is not encouraging rapprochement with Cuba, and even if he and the Republican Party were, there is a strong indication that they would first backtrack from any steps taken by the Obama administration before moving ahead with their own program.

In the short term, I think open travel to Cuba is in danger. For the long term, I would suggest that it will return, with a Trump spin on the when and how.

If you want to travel to Cuba I suggest you do so now. If you would like to travel with me, take advantage of my 15 years of Cuba experience, and practice street photography under my supervision, I will be leading a workshop from March 21 to 28. I am confident travel will not be restricted before that time. I am taking no more than 12 photographers. If you are interested go to Havana Photo Workshop and register.

I look forward to seeing you in Havana, and guiding you to capture the Real Cuba, from the Inside Out.

Cuba - workshop - school children

Cuba - music - Havana

Old woman - interior - rural

Cuba - Trinidad

Cuba - Havana