Digital Photography in Practice

Digital Photography in PracticeHot Springs Photography FestivalMay 25 to 27, 2019Best Photography WorkshopsHot Springs Photography FestivalA 3-day intensive workshop with Steve Anchell, author of Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras: Getting the Most from Your MILC.The emphasis on this three-day workshop will be on improving your skills using unique features of MILC and DSLR cameras.The workshop begins […]

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Steve Anchell in Havana | Havana, Cuba | Steve Anchell Cuba Photography Workshop and Photo Tours of Cuba

Interview with Steve Anchell

Greetings! We thought you might be interested in viewing an online video interview with Steve Anchell. The interview was conducted by Alex Schulz at Photography Talk has chosen Anchell Photography Workshops to be included in their list of best photography workshops of 2018.

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Diana Nudes

Diana Nudes In 1983 I purchased a Diana plastic camera from Hollywood Magic on Hollywood Boulevard, about six blocks from my commercial studio on Sunset Boulevard. On a whim I took it with me to that years annual Nude at Big Sur workshop and ran a few rolls through it. The image “Flame & Kimono” […]

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The Nude at Big Sur

The Nude at Big Sur From 1979 to 2005 I led the longest running annual workshop on photographing the nude in nature. The workshop took place on beaches and forests of Big Sur, California. Many of the areas were those used by photographer Wynn Bullock. The images in this portfolio were created in Big Sur […]

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Father and son photographic project

Father/sons project

Fathers/sons Project For this project I requested the Fathers to bring their sons dressed however they wished to be photographed. I then created a defined empty space with no chairs or other props. I asked each Father to step into the space with his son(s) and to stand, sit, or interact in any way he felt […]

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Mothers/daughters project

Mothers/daughters Project Many years ago I noticed that it was often possible to tell a biological mother and daughter by the similarity in their eyebrows. Eventually, I became curious if it would be possible to see the daughters face in the face of the mother. For this project, I wanted daughters who were old enough […]

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Agustin smoking a cigar at a club in Havana Centro

Cuba Portfolio

Cuba Portfolio My first trip to Cuba was in February 2001. I spent  a month exploring the island. During that time I was asked to give a presentation to the photography and journalism students at the University of Havana.  I became friends with teachers in the journalism department and they invited me to return with […]

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