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     “I am very inspired.  I have been taking pictures everyday.  You are an amazing artist/photographer.”
      -Audra Canestrari, Melbourne Beach, Florida

     “I want to thank you for helping me reach one of my life goals of traveling to Cuba. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there due in no small part to you, Roberto, and Mary Ellen.”
       Dan Henderson, Blue Ridge, Virginia

      “We want to thank you for providing us the opportunity to have a semi-immersion Cuba trip as well as valuable lessons and insight into photography.”
      Judith & Charles, Sacramento, California

     “I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to experience Cuba with. It’s made the difference in making it better than imaginable. “There was such a nice flow to each day’s adventure with your “itinerary” that gave us flexibility to take advantage of the local happenings.
     “And could I just tell you what a great teacher you are of photography? When you sat with us going over the technical side of our cameras (histograms, camera settings, etc).
     “I learned so much and exactly what I needed to know after a few days of street photography.”

      Julie Lee, Fairfax, Virginia

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Traveling Cuban-Style

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     “The Photography Workshop in Cuba directed, organized, and led by you was the greatest. Certainly, the workshop was the highlight of 2003 for me. There are so many reasons I enjoyed the Workshop I can only list a few.
     “First, all the arrangements worked, visa, airline tickets, hotel were well planned. I joined at the last minute and really was a little anxious. You took care of everything. Of course, meeting the Cuban photographers at Fototeca was wonderful. What a wonderful opportunity for me to see these photographers and to buy a few of their images. I cannot wait to return."

     Gerald Lepp, Brooklyn, New York

     “Thanx for everything…Cuba was fantastico! I now know I can look ‘em in the eye when I take a photo…”
       Don Dunn, New York City, New York

     “I must say that it was a great, great trip, and I am still glowing in the memory of it as I go through my images. I have printed out about 20 images so far and shown them at Thanksgiving for dessert and everyone was amazed. They caused great conversation. Thanks again for a wonderful time.”
       Herb Bardavid, Great Neck, New York

     “It was a GREAT TRIP!!!!!”
       Dot Mullinax, Spring, Texas

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Making New Friends

Havana - Cuba Photography Workshops - Cuba Photo Tours

     “After having traveled to many other countries, including Russia in the Cold War, I have to say the trip to Cuba is at the top. I cannot wait to go back to see other areas of Cuba.”
      Don Mitchell, Jackson, Mississippi

     “Thanks for an excellent adventure.”
      Dana Nixon, Jacksonville, Arkansas

      “I feel like the trip was even more than I expected it would be for (my son) Cole, he is a few inches taller emotionally than a week ago, and the unexpected results for me were profound as well. Thank you so much for orchestrating such a wonderful experience for all of us.”
      Carisa Mahnken, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

     “Thank you for guiding us and letting us explore and take advantage of what I may describe as a most creative road all through Habana Vieja with spontaneous detours. This was not just another “out of the box trip” but a thoroughly creative and unique adventure.
       Thomas Hartman, Asheville, North Carolina

Havana - Cuba Photography Workshops - Cuba Photo Tours

Havana - Cuba Photography Workshops - Cuba Photo Tours

Practicing a Cuban Tradition

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