An exciting new feature of our website is Special Offers. We're searching for quality photo gear and arranging discounts with the company's that make it. If there is something that you would like us to arrange a Special Offer on let us know through our Contact Form

You don't have to register on our website to take advantage of Special Offers. However, should you wish to be informed when a Special Offer is available you will need to leave your name and email address. The simple registration form is in the right-hand column of our HOME PAGE.

Kwilt Shoebox Plus Personal Cloud Storage. You can read more about the Kwilt Shoebox Plus and the Special Offer HERE.Kwilt Shoebox Plus - Special Offer - Discount - Your Own Personal Cloud Storage

ThinkTank Photo and MindShift Gear. ThinkTank and MindShift are premier designers of camera bags, pouches, and accessories. I've been using ThinkTank since my first trip to Cuba. You can read more about ThinkTank and the special offer HERE.

ThinkTank Photo and MindShift Gear