Online Lightroom Workshop

"Thank you for a fun learning day yesterday. I so enjoyed the small intimate learning environment. You did a great job of offering personal attention and staying on task. I wish I hadn’t spent so much money on books about Lightroom; your workshop was cheaper, better, and far more learner‑friendly!" –Sue Hanen, Portland, Ore.

Adobe Lightroom is the essential tool for organizing, editing, and sharing your photography. To use Lightroom you do not have to be a professional photographer with years of experience, nor do you need to struggle to learn its enormous capability. Once you have been taught the major features, you’ll find it is easy and intuitive to learn the rest.

Once you have learned to save and organize your images you will learn how to create award winning images for social media, stock photography, and exhibition.

  • Understanding Lightroom’s Catalog system
  • Keeping every image safely stored and archived
  • Automating your workflow
  • Adding metadata and key wording
  • Creating custom presets
  • Locating images
  • Color Management from Input to Output
  • Using the Develop Module
  • Sizing, sharpening, and exporting your image files for the web or fine art printing
  • The Develop Module’s newest features, how, when, and why to use them
  • Interfacing with Photoshop
  • 12-hours of live interactive training. You will be able to ask questions during each session.
  • Image files to work on during and after the workshop.
  • Video recording of each session.
  • .PDF file with Steve’s notes.
  • Email address to ask questions after the workshop.
A total of four 3-hour sessions held during 4-consecutive weekends

Saturday, July 11, 18, 25, & August 1

9am to 12pm PST
10am to 1pm MST
11am to 2pm CST
12pm to 3pm EST
Each session will be recorded. You may download and use the image files that Steve will provide while following the recording. You may email Steve with any questions you have.
  • Access to a computer and the internet.
  • A web cam and microphone.
  • The latest version of Adobe Lightroom. You can download a free 30-day trial copy of Lightroom or purchase a monthly subscription HERE.
  • ZOOM - You can download the free ZOOM app HERE.
  • Between 20 and 100 image files of any subject to practice Importing into Lightroom.
Tuition: $375
Before and After Hwy 22
Lightroom - Avignon - France - Teenagers

Original un-retouched RAW file

Lightroom Workshop After photo

Winner 10th Annual Cityscapes Art Exhibition, February 2020