Large Format Photography Workshop
& Mastering the Digital Negative
at the Photographers' Formulary
Workshops in Montana

June 4 to 9, 2023

I have a greater appreciation for all things involved in large format. The fear of my 4 x 5 is gone and now it is time to get out and shoot.” Stephanie Slaymaker, Casper, Wyoming

There is nothing more exhilarating than creating high-resolution images with a large format camera. Standing behind the camera with a dark cloth covering both you and the ground glass viewing screen, it’s real, it’s dimensional, and each time is a new experience, whether it is a still life arranged in your home or a landscape in Yosemite.

Large format cameras are not difficult to use or learn, but it helps to have someone show you the right way to use the many controls available for your creativity.

This summer, I will lead a Large Format and Making Enlarged Digital Negatives workshop at the Photographers Formulary in Condon, Montana.

The first three days of the workshop will be on setup, composing, and focusing your LF camera. This will include the controls, effectively using the Schiempflug effect, understanding the circle of confusion for depth of field, and more. They will also include different methods of developing LF film.

On Thursday, you will learn a 3-step method for creating enlarged digital negatives that can be used for contact printing on any sensitized paper, platinum/palladium, silver, gum, cyanotype, or any other alternative process.

If you spend most of your time staring at a computer monitor or cell phone screen, you'll feel right at home with a large format camera.

The workshop occurs at the Photographers' Formulary Workshops in Montana, located north of Condon. Across the highway is the Bob Marshall Wilderness. A beautiful and relaxing place to spend a week learning new skills and practicing your craft.

Any 4x5” view camera is welcome as long as it has swings and tilt controls. All levels of view camera knowledge are welcome from beginners to experts. The less you know the more you’ll learn. The more you know the more you will be amazed.

Large Format Photography Workshop

"Thanks for holding the workshop on large format cameras and intro to darkroom procedures, it was exactly what I have been looking for." Brian Oberg, Oregon City, Ore.