Digital Photography in Practice

Hot Springs Photography Festival

May 25 to 27, 2019

A 3-day intensive workshop with Steve Anchell, author of Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras: Getting the Most from Your MILC.

The emphasis on this three-day workshop will be on improving your skills using unique features of MILC and DSLR cameras.

The workshop begins Saturday morning with a lecture and presentation by Steve on setting your digital camera defaults, whether you’re using a traditional SLR-type or mirrorless camera. He’ll discuss the difference between a default setting and a personal preference and make recommendations on which you should use and why.

During the afternoon we’ll take it to the streets of historic downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Steve, a master at street photography, will teach a variety of methods for street photography including how to photograph without being seen, how to photograph up close and personal, and everything in between. We’ll be accompanied by local models who will help us take advantage of both the beautiful natural surroundings and the urban environment.

Steve will also share the camera settings he uses to track moving objects such as bicycles, cars, and anything else we can find to practice on. He will demonstrate the settings he uses for both freezing action and image blur.

Late afternoon will find us at an appropriate location for a glowing sunset. The HDR and panoramic functions of your camera will be explored and used to capture your perfect sunset. Afterward, we’ll enjoy a comfortable group dinner with drinks and conversation followed by a session of night photography.

Sunday morning, we’ll meet inside the Hot Springs Historic Central Theater. There will be two studio sets, one for portraiture and one for fashion and glamour. Steve will demonstrate 5- lighting styles and then apply them to a subject. In the afternoon, participants will take turns rotating through the two sets to photograph local models and actors.

(In-between working with the models, photographers can bring their own laptop or another device to edit and download two digital images from each location for our lovely models and for display with photo credit on Central Theater’s web and Facebook pages. Assistance will be provided for participants without a portable device, or with limited post-processing experience by digital expert DebiLynn Fendley.)

Monday morning and afternoon will be spent reviewing and critiquing participants work created during the workshop. For many photographers, this is one of the highlights of the workshop. Positive feedback is given to help the individual learn and grow as a photographer.

commercial photography - fashion - Hot Springs Photography Festival - Arkansas

Hot Springs Photography Festival - Arkansas - Action photography

Hot Springs Photography Festival - Arkansas - studio photography

Hot Springs Photography Festival - Arkansas - studio photography - fashion

Digital Photography in Practice

Hot Springs Photography Festival

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