2016 Anchell Scholarship for Documentary Photography

Shuyao Chen
Pennsylvania State University
Project: “Left Behind Children”

Whitson Crynes
Northeastern State University, Tulsa
Project: “The Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors”

Marcus Dieterle
Towson University, Maryland
Project: “Chains”

Jada Elder-Wilkerson
Temple University, Philadelphia
Project: “Hood: The Youth's Perspective on Gentrification”

Giovanni Fashaw
Green River Community College, Auburn
Project: "Untitled"

Néha Hirve
Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall
Project: “Heaven”

Jung Rouk Oh
Evangelical Christian Academy, Colorado Springs
Project: "Untitled"

Alejandro Sanchez
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
Project: “Dreams”

Dina Salih
University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Project: “I'm Not Your Poverty Poster Child”

Julia Viana
New York Institute of Photography
Project: “Café Brazil”

Ruijia Zhang
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Project: “Family Along the River”