The Future of Travel to Cuba

CNN Politics
"President-elect Donald Trump threatened Monday to 'terminate' the Obama administration's efforts to normalize US-Cuba relations."

The Washington Post
"President Obama’s historic move to normalize relations with Cuba hasn’t slowed repression by the Castro regime, and the incoming Trump administration is likely to take a tougher stand on restricting tourism, recovering stolen U.S. assets and demanding human rights reforms by Havana, analysts say."

President Bill Clinton made it possible for U.S. Citizens to travel to Cuba for educational, humanitarian, religious, and other reasons as long as they traveled with a group that held a U.S. Treasury license issued by OFAC.
In 2001 I led my first group to Cuba for educational purposes with a U.S. Treasury license.
In January 2004, President Bush reversed Clinton and eliminated legal travel to Cuba. For the next several years it was not possible to legally travel to Cuba.
In 2009 President Obama reinstated travel for educational, humanitarian, and other reasons, but still one needed to travel with a group that held a treasury license.  In 2016, he removed the treasury license requirement. As a result, today anyone can book a flight to Cuba as long as they tell the airlines they are going for educational purposes.
It's not yet possible to know what President Trump will do. Based on what he's said it's likely travel to Cuba will be made illegal or severely restricted once again.
If you've been thinking about visiting Cuba and just haven’t gotten around to it, I suggest you go soon. If you've been intending to take my street photography workshop (cell phones to 4x5 view cameras welcome) I recommend you not wait. If I’m wrong about Trump restricting travel, you will have gone to Cuba. But if I’m right, and you didn’t go, you'll wish you had.
One space is still available for the March 11 to 18 workshop in Havana, and two available March 21 to 28. Don’t wait. Once the 3 spaces are taken I won’t be going to Cuba again until December, and then only if it’s still legal.