Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba

You ain't seen nothing until you've been to Santiago. Santiago de Cuba is unlike anywhere else on the island. Every evening there is song and dance in at least one of three outdoor parks, and all three are within walking distance of each other.

This video was made in Parque Cespedes, across a narrow street from Hotel Granda where we will be staying in July for the Festival of Fire. I was exploring on my own when I came across this event. It was an amateur competition. The competitors were local high school and college kids. The competition was being judged by professional musicians. Judge for yourself how good they are.

The next night there was a completely different performance by professional musicians. From July 2 to 9 each night will be a performance dedicated to Chango, the God of Fire.

The workshop has begun to fill since the notice I sent out last week, but it's not to late to register, there are a few spaces left. Don't miss this opportunity.