Festival del Fuego (Festival of Fire for those who don’t read Spanish) is a week-long celebration of Afro-Cuban culture that takes place each July in Santiago de Cuba. You won’t see anything like this in staid Havana. Even if you’ve been to Cuba on numerous occasions you owe it to yourself to witness and photograph this event at least once.

I have been fortunate to be able to secure a limited number of rooms within 5 blocks of the main event location.


Because accommodations in Santiago are less than in Havana this will be the least expensive workshop to Cuba I have ever run. The tuition includes r/t airfare from Miami directly to Santiago, breakfast, room, two dinners, U.S. Cuba travel documents (so you can legally bring home cigars and rum – not included in the workshop price!), and instruction in street photography.
Festival of Fire in Santiago

Don’t miss this opportunity to travel with me.

The Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba is an annual event that celebrates the rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit of the city. The festival is held every year in July and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

The main focus of the festival is the traditional bonfires that are lit throughout the city. These bonfires represent the spirit of the festival and are meant to purify and cleanse the surroundings. The bonfires are accompanied by music, dance, and live performances, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere.

During the Festival of Fire, the streets of Santiago de Cuba come alive with parades, street performances, and art exhibitions. The festival also features workshops and seminars on various aspects of Cuban culture, including music, dance, and literature.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Fire Parade, where participants dress in elaborate costumes and parade through the streets, carrying torches and fireworks. The parade is a visual spectacle that showcases the creativity and artistic talent of the local community.

In addition to the bonfires and parades, the Festival of Fire also hosts a variety of cultural activities, such as concerts, theater performances, and film screenings. These events provide an opportunity for both locals and visitors to experience the diverse cultural scene of Santiago de Cuba.

The festival also offers a wide range of traditional Cuban cuisine, with food stalls and restaurants serving local delicacies. Visitors can enjoy traditional dishes such as ropa vieja, congri, and tostones, all washed down with a refreshing mojito or Cuba libre.

As the sun sets, the bonfires are lit, creating a magical atmosphere that envelops the city. The night sky is filled with colorful fireworks, illuminating the streets and adding to the enchantment of the festival.

The Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba is not only a celebration of culture and tradition, but also a platform for artists and performers to showcase their talents. It is a unique event that brings together people from all walks of life, united by their love for Cuban culture and their desire to celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest.

The Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba is a highly anticipated and iconic event that celebrates the cultural heritage of this vibrant city. It is a professional festival that attracts thousands of locals and tourists alike, creating a lively and unforgettable atmosphere.

The festival takes place in the heart of Santiago de Cuba, known for its rich history and strong connection to Afro-Cuban culture. It showcases a wide range of artistic expressions, including music, dance, visual arts, and traditional rituals that pay homage to the city’s African and Caribbean roots.

One of the highlights of the Festival of Fire is the spectacular firework display that lights up the night sky, creating a breathtaking backdrop for the festivities. The fireworks are carefully choreographed and synchronized to music, adding an element of enchantment and excitement to the event.

In addition to the mesmerizing fireworks, the festival features live music performances by both local and international artists. Traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms like son, rumba, and salsa fill the streets, inviting visitors to dance and immerse themselves in the contagious energy of Santiago de Cuba.

Local artisans and craftsmen also participate in the festival, showcasing their traditional artwork and creations. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase unique souvenirs and immerse themselves in the rich artistic heritage of the city.

As a professional festival, the Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba also includes educational and cultural activities. Workshops are organized to teach visitors about the different artistic traditions and the historical significance behind them. These workshops provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural heritage of Santiago de Cuba.

To ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees, the festival organizers work closely with local authorities and implement necessary security measures. The festival grounds are carefully planned and equipped with first aid stations, security personnel, and adequate facilities to accommodate the large number of visitors.

The Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. It celebrates the vibrant culture, history, and traditions of this enchanting city, captivating both locals and visitors from around the world. It is not only a momentary celebration but also a powerful reminder of the resilience and spirit of the people of Santiago de Cuba.

The Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba is a remarkable celebration that showcases the rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit of the city. This annual event has become a major attraction, drawing thousands of visitors from around the world.

The festival takes place during the month of July and lasts for a week. It kicks off with a spectacular opening ceremony filled with music, dance, and theatrical performances. The streets of Santiago de Cuba come alive with colorful decorations, traditional costumes, and a contagious energy that captivates everyone in attendance.

Throughout the week, there are numerous events and activities that highlight the cultural diversity of the region. One of the main highlights is the firework displays that light up the night sky, creating a mesmerizing spectacle for all to enjoy. The sky is filled with vibrant colors and dazzling pyrotechnics, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses it.

Another integral component of the festival is the music and dance performances. Known as the birthplace of Afro-Cuban rhythms, Santiago de Cuba is a hub of musical talent. During the festival, visitors can immerse themselves in the soulful sounds of traditional Son, Salsa, and Rumba music. Local bands and renowned artists take to the stage, providing unforgettable performances that ignite the atmosphere and get everyone dancing.

In addition to the music and fireworks, the Festival of Fire also pays homage to the religious and spiritual practices deeply rooted in Santiago de Cuba. Various processions and ceremonies take place, showcasing the unique blend of African and Catholic traditions. These rituals offer visitors a rare glimpse into the cultural heritage of the city and provide a deeper understanding of its history.

To add further excitement, the festival incorporates a range of artistic exhibitions, workshops, and culinary delights. Visitors can explore the local art scene, attend workshops to learn traditional crafts, and indulge in the flavors of authentic Cuban cuisine.

Overall, the Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba is an unparalleled experience that captures the essence of this vibrant city. It is a celebration of culture, music, art, and spirituality that embraces both locals and visitors alike. This exceptional event creates lasting memories and fosters a sense of unity and appreciation for the diversity of our world.

Festival del Fuego

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