Cuba Portfolio

My first trip to Cuba was in February 2001. I spent  a month exploring the island. During that time I was asked to give a presentation to the photography and journalism students at the University of Havana.  I became friends with teachers in the journalism department and they invited me to return with students of […]

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America Passing

In the 1970s I began documenting people, places, and events that were passing from our culture. In the beginning I used 8×10″ film (Phillippe’s) or 5×7″ film (Zoutis Candy), but eventually switched to smaller formats, 2 1/4 (Cold Springs Tavern) and 35mm (July 4th, Conden, Montana).Click on any thumbnail to see a full-size image and […]

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Ray Bailey - King-King - L.A. Blues


During the years I had a commercial studio in Los Angeles  the L.A. Free Press would publish a weekly list of music clubs located throughout L.A. I became curious about the clubs in South Central and Watts. One evening, in 1989, I took a copy of the Free Press and drove to the first address […]

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