Travel to Cuba During COVID-19

Travel to Cuba During the Covid-19 Pandemic Travel to Cuba during the COVID-19 pandemic is still uncertain. For a brief period travel to all-inclusive resorts such as Veradero, 130 miles east of Havana. These have been temporarily placed on hold but the buzz is that they will resume on November 1. We have three workshops […]

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Cuban Street Photographer - Best Havana Photography Workshop

Best Havana Photography Workshop

Workshop vs. Tour Best Havana Photography Workshop Register for the Workshop “Listening to, observing, and following Steve Anchell in the city streets of Cuba is an experience not to be missed and long valued.” Nick Mobile, Malvern, Penn. The Best Havana Photography Workshop is a real-life experience led by award-winning photographer and published Cuba expert, […]

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Man on Bus | Havana, Cuba | Steve Anchell Photography Workshop and Tour

Cuba Travel Advisory – Part 2

Dear Colleagues:You might be dealing with travelers who are concerned over the current situation with Cuba and are perhaps concerned about traveling there based on recent announcements and media coverage.  Vaya Sojourns feels that it is our ethical obligation to share with you the facts that we have uncovered while intensely monitoring this situation in the media and also within our own inside […]

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Cuba travel Advisory | Steve Anchell Photography Workshops and Tours

Cuba Travel Advisory – Part 1

The U.S. State Departments travel advisory has people concerned about traveling to Cuba. The State Department has gone so far as to say that due to the reduction in embassy staff “the embassy would not be able to assure our security.” While pronouncements of this sort by our government should be taken seriously it needs […]

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