Tour or Workshop: What’s the difference?

A tour is designed to introduce you to a place, region, or country. A workshop is meant to practice and improve on your photography. A tour moves around and a workshop stays mostly in one place.

Because of the travel involved there is not as much time on a tour for critique and viewing of participant’s work. Time will be made for this purpose, but not as much as on a workshop.

Walking is minimal on a tour.

A workshop is about practicing photography, with the choice of location a secondary consideration. This means lots of time walking, photographing, sorting and editing work, viewing and critiquing the work, then getting up the next day and doing it again.

Workshops are more effective when travel is kept to a minimum, though we do like to have at least one day for an out-of-town trip to take a break from the pressure of the workshop environment.

Even with these distinctions we are able to accommodate all levels of photographers on both tours and workshops, from beginners with cell phones to those with 4x5” view cameras.

We can also accommodate those with disabilities, though we recommend they join a tour rather than a workshop.

“The special consideration and gracious attention that Larry received for his walking difficulties could not have been any better.” Teresa T., Jackson, Miss.

If you are still not certain whether to join us on a tour or workshop please contact us.

Tour or Workshop

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