Instructors and Staff

Steve Anchell

Steve Anchell is a former photography instructor for Oregon State University. Since 1979 he has conducted film and digital media workshops for the International Center for Photography in NYC; Santa Fe Photographic Workshops; Toscana Photographic Workshops (Italy); the Universities of California at Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Irvine; University of Cincinnati; and University of Denver; and many others.

Steve began legally taking photographers to Cuba in 2001. He knows the island, the people, and the culture, better than anyone who has just begun taking people to Cuba since December. And he can teach you to be a photographer of people, culture, and change.

Alberto Arcos

Alberto “Chino” Arcos is an instructor of photography for the prestigious Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC) in Havana. In 1993. Alberto received a degree in photojournalism. He holds a postgraduate degree in restoration and conservation of photos from the University of Madrid.

Chino has been exhibited in both Cuba and internationally, including exhibits in the U.S. His work is regularly published in Cuban art magazines, design magazines, and others. He has been selected to participate in the biennial of Ibero-American photography in Paraguay.

Since 2003 he has taught street photography for Anchell Workshops, Inc. Since 2017 he has co-instructed the Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop with Steve Anchell.

Raúl Cañibano

Juan Suarez

Juan Suarez is a lover of street photography. He focuses on everyday life, people, their gestures and expressions.

Juan likes to tourist locations in favor of those areas of Havana where the Cuban reality is reflected. He approaches people to take natural photos, with the best framing, in order to tell a story.

Suarez shares his passion with his students by explaining camera techniques and giving advice on street photography to help them feel confident and lose their fear.

Yunior Frómeta

Yunior Frómeta is an independent filmmaker and freelance photographer. A graduate in Computer Engineering, he has dedicated himself to education, photography, and creating videos for advertising, business and 2d / 3d animation.


Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson studied photography at Grand Rapids Community College. He has also studied with Tim Rudman, Les Mclean, David Plowdon, and Bill Schwab.

While adept at digital capture, Dan prefers to work with medium and large format black and white film, which he feels is the perfect alchemy of art and science. He often uses the lith printing process, especially when working on photographs for a long term projects.

His work is exhibited at at The Market Gallery in Roanoke, Virginia, and can be found online at

Dan is the author of Stories from Cuba, that can be found on this site.

Dan has been traveling to Cuba since 2011. That's Dan on the right.

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez uses the art of photography as a means of personal expression. Already possessing a degree in Industrial design, David took his first course in 2008 at UNEAC with Alberto “Chino” Arcos. That same year he was invited to participate in his first exhibit.

Due to his talent as a photographer and his fluent English, David has worked as an assistant with Anchell Workshops since 2009. He also assists Chino in photo tours of Old Havana for photographers from around the world.


Anay Fumero

Anay is a senior guide with Paradiso travel agency. Paradiso is the premier travel agency that is only used for celebrities visiting the country.

She has been a guide for Anchell Photography Workshops since 2012.

Dalia Maso

Dalia Maso has worked as a registered tourism guide with Cubanacan Travel Agency since 2013. She speaks fluent English, French, German, and Italian.

In her capacity as a guide she has traveled all over Cuba. She is our guide in Santiago de Cuba.