PAO Exhibit

I was surprised and pleased to be included in the Photography at Oregon 50th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibit in Eugene, Ore. To be in the exhibit you had to have been previously exhibited by the PAO. The show included the work of Ansel, Stieglitz, Brett Weston, Lou Stoumen, Paul Strand, Wynn Bullock, Olivia Parker, Ruth Bernhard, and Barbara Morgan, to name only a few. Attached is a copy of the show's poster. It is up until June 24. If you happen to be anywhere near Eugene you should try to catch it. It was the most memorable exhibit I have seen in years and I am proud to be in it.

PAO Exhibit - Photography at Oregons

The first image on the left was made by Susie Morrill during one of my Cuba workshops, the photo to the right of that is mine, also made in Cuba. The next one is by the late Lou Stoumen, whom I knew when I lived in Los Angeles, and two to the right of Lou's image is one by Stieglitz.

PAO Exhibit - Photography at Oregon