Masters of Jazz: David Watson

The Pacific Northwest, from Portland, Ore. to Seattle, Wash. has a vibrant music scene. Jazz is especially prominent, with world class players moving here from NYC, Chicago, and elsewhere because of the great weather. What? You don't like rain?

I have been photographing blues musicians since 1989, L.A.:Blues, and since moving to Oregon I have been photographing blues and jazz at Christo's Lounge, in Salem. Not long ago it came to my attention that many of these players were moving on to the great stage in the sky. Too many, too soon. Among the recents have been Sweet Baby James and Thera Memory. An equally great loss was Jimmy Makarounis, the owner of the premier Jazz club in Portland, Jimmy Mak's. Jimmy was loosing his battle with cancer so he called for one final blow-out jam session at his club on New Year's Eve, 2016. It was a night to remember. He died two days later on January 2 of this year, and his club went dark.

Among the many Jazz Greats still with us is David Watson, Doctor of Bebop, and a star on the east coast Jazz scene. David has settled just north of Portland, on the Washington side of the Columbia River. 

I asked David if he'd talk of his life and career in music and he readily agreed. The resulting video can be found in three parts on YouTube, Masters of Jazz: David Watson.

Please watch and enjoy.


David Watson - Master of Jazz - Cuba photo workshop