Easter in Greece 2017

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Photo by: Konstantinos Trana

The releasing of aerostata on the evening of the Resurrection. The aerostata are set free to carry the prayers and hopes of the Resurrection as high as possible.


I like to say that the camera takes me everywhere it goes. Another way to say that I use photography as an excuse to travel and explore the world, whether it is the street in front of my house or a traditional celebration for the Day of the Dead in Oaxca or, in this case, Easter in Greece. When I heard that Easter would be on the same day for the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches I just knew I had to be in Greece when it happened. That's because Greece is the meeting place for both religions. To the east of Greece the Christian world is mostly Orthodox and to the west it is mainly Catholic.

While most of the world uses the Gregorian calendar, the Orthodox church still sets its holidays according to the Julian calendar. Easter almost never coincides. The celebration of the Resurrection is a major event for all Greeks, Orthodox or Catholic, and to this day it is celebrated as it was centuries ago. For photographers and adventurers 2017 offers the chance to experience both.

I have just posted details for this exciting workshop on my site. Have a look and see if it's someplace your camera might take you.