Havana Photo Workshop

Havana Photo Workshop

Havana & the Vinales Valley

December 9 to 16, 2017

Listening to, observing, and following Steve Anchell in the city streets of Cuba is an experience not to be missed and long valued.” Nick Mobile, Malvern, Pa.

The difference between a workshop and a tour is that on a workshop we stay in one location for most of the time. This allows us to concentrate on improving our photography, both technically and visually. On a tour we are often on the move so that we can see and photograph as much as possible. This does not leave as much time to hone our skill as it does to record our experience. Plainly speaking, a photo tour is more of a sightseeing adventure and a workshop is for improving your photo skills.

During the Havana Photo Workshop we will spend all except one day exploring and photographing Havana. This will allow us time to meet during the day to view and critique each others work, something we can’t do when we’re on a tour bus.

On this workshop Steve along with internationally known Cuban photographers will work with you on your street photography skills and discuss what it means to be a documentary photographer. Topics will include access, ethics and copyright. Steve will also be available to work with you individually on technical issues you may be experiencing.

To participate you don’t need to be an expert photographer, only interested in watching, listening, and learning.

While street photography usually requires lots of walking, we have successfully accommodated photographers with walking impediments, such as using walkers, canes, and even wheelchairs. If you have a mobility problem please contact us at 503.884.3882 or info@anchellworkshops.com.

To fully experience Cuba, the people, and their culture, we will be staying in private homes (casa particulars). Each room will have their own private bath.

Double:  $2095
Single Room:  $180
Limited to: 12 participants

Workshop tuition includes:  Accommodations in Cuba; all breakfasts; two dinners; air-conditioned bus transport outside Havana; photographic instruction provided by Steve Anchell and Cuban photographers.

Travel to Cuba: Has become almost routine. I recommend you book your r/t flight on American Airlines from the most convenient location for your departure. More information will be sent upon registration, including information on visas, etc.


Cuba Photo tour - Cuba photo workshop - Havana - Hotel Nacional

Arial view of the Hotel Nacional, center of American Gangster activity prior to the Revelotion.

Cuba Photo tour - Cuba photo workshop - Vinales Valley

Traveling in a Cuban taxi. Cuba from the inside out.

Cuba Photo tour - Cuba photo workshop - Vinales Valley

Woman with a portrait of her youth. Cuba from the inside out.

Cuba Photo tour - Cuba photo workshop - vinales valley

Interior of a farmhouse in the Vinales Valley. Cuba from the inside out.

Havana Photo Workshop

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