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Family Outcast - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

2016 Scholarship Award & Honorable Mentions

The 2016 Anchell Scholarship for Documentary Photography Award Recipient is Nicolas Umbs of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, for his documentary project “Family Outcast.”Judges Lori Grinker, Ken Light, and Anne Havinga chose Mr. Umbs in a blind judging from among thirty submissions. He has received his award in the amount of $1000 and a certificate […]

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Juliana Viana

New York Institute of PhotographyHonorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyCafé BrazilI’m passionate for people history and cultures, I like to connect with people and capture moments of life in naturalness, focusing mainly in social documentary, and show the world around me into photography.I believe that photography can be a tool for positive social change to […]

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Ruijia Zhang

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Honorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyFamily Along the RiverThe story “Family Along the River” is a photo story I did when I was back in China for 2016 Summer. The Jiang family consists of 5 members, the mom, Chuanfang Zhang; the dad, Laiquan Jia; a mentally disabled son, Qiuwei […]

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Dina Salih

University of British Columbia, VancouverHonorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyI’m Not Your Poverty Poster ChildThey saw me every day in their neighbourhood for three months. Don’t tell me that they didn’t notice me during those three months — I was a visible minority in every possible way. I seldom took out my camera because I […]

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Alejandro Sanchez

California Polytechnic State University, PomonaHonorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyDREAMSIn the month of May, 2016 I decided to go out in Pomona, California to photograph the homeless people that reside in the streets of the city. I was inspired to take on this project because I have had individuals come up to me asking for […]

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Jung Rouk Oh

Evangelical Christian Academy, Colorado SpringsHonorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyI believe that every single object on the earth has a message or its own story with its unique outward appearance. I consider these various messages as the ultimate reason to take pictures.My interest in photography began from my curiosity in machines and about how the […]

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Néha Hirve

Mid Sweden University, SundsvallHonorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyHeavenThere is an empty lot in Oslo where junkies go to shoot heroin when the weather’s warm and the injection room is full. The ground is littered with used needles and love letters scribbled on the back of prescriptions, children’s wax crayons and handwritten guitar cords, alcohol […]

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Shuyao Chen

Pennsylvania State UniversityHonorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyLeft Behind ChildrenWhen Guocheng Ma and his wife, Chunxia Zhu, left rural Wenzhou to work in Shanghai, the most populous city in China, they knew the sacrifices they faced as migrant workers.“The hardest thing was not being able to see my kids all year round,” Zhu said.During Lunar New […]

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Jada Elder-Wilkerson

Temple University at PhiladelphiaHonorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyHood: The Youth’s Perspective on Gentrification“Hood: The Youth’s Perspective on Gentrification” is a series of photographs taken during interviews with three Philadelphia youths during the summer of 2016. With the rise of various university housing and apartment complexes in the city, many inhabitants of neighborhoods that have […]

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Whitson Crynes

Northeastern State University, TulsaHonorable MentionAnchell Scholarship for Documentary PhotographyThe Standing Rock Sioux Water ProtectorsOver the horizon the night sky was bright with the glow of lights. Cresting the hill we realized these weren’t the lights of a city but the floodlights of police forces. We were twenty minutes from the site but could clearly see […]

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