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Steve Anchell is a former photography instructor for Oregon State University. Since 1979 he has conducted film and digital media workshops for the International Center for Photography in NYC; Santa Fe Photographic Workshops; Toscana Photographic Workshops (Italy); the Universities of California at Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Irvine; University of Cincinnati; and University of Denver; and many others.

Steve began legally taking photographers to Cuba in 2001. He knows the island, the people, and the culture, better than anyone who has just begun taking people to Cuba since December. And he can teach you to be a photographer of people, culture, and change.

His three books, The Darkroom Cookbook, The Variable Contrast Printing Manual, and The Film Developing Cookbook are international bestsellers. Focal Press released his fourth book, Digital Photo Assignments, in August 2015.

French Guide and Interpreter

French photographer, Christian Petit, works with 35mm and large format. He has studied photography with, among others, John Sexton.

Annie Katz began taking pictures at the age of eight! After graduating from college she went to work for the Miami Herald and then with Associated Press. She loves photographing wildlife, people, landscapes and different cultures.

Annie has won numerous international awards over the years, they are all listed on her web site. She has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the US and Europe and has been featured in photography magazines worldwide. Annie is currently represented by Getty Images, Still Pictures LTD-London representing the United Nations Environmental Protection Program, The African Wildlife Foundation, The Wynn and The Encore Hotels in Las Vegas.

Mary Ellen Wortham is a Southern California fine art photographer whose images find liberal play across traditional, digital, alternative, mixed, experimental, emerging processes and technologies. Her photography has received critical recognition and laudatory notice of curators from such celebrated institutions as Los Angeles County Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Fine Art-Boston, Whitney Museum, and International Center of Photography. Select works are in permanent collection at Ventura County Museum of History & Art. Mary Ellen’s thirty-five-year freelance career is punctuated with sabbaticals into the high school classroom; she has developed university-recognized photography curricula in venues private and privileged, public and at-risk.

For creative growth, recharge and self-discovery Mary Ellen heartily avers: Anyone can fall, anyone can land—no big deal. It’s the challenge then thrill of the jump that brings on magic.

Our Cuban Guide

Anay is a senior guide with Paradiso travel agency. Paradiso is the premier travel agency that is only used for celebrities visiting the country.

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