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Steve Anchell has led photography workshops in Cuba for more than fifteen years. He understands the island and its people. He’s discovered those unusual destinations for that perfect photo experience. He also knows how to navigate the laws and cultural expectations, with an onsite staff at the ready. In Steve's workshops you will have the opportunity to work with internationally exhibited Cuban photographers, to go where they go and see what they see. With the help of Steve and the Cuban photographers you will learn how to photograph the beauty of the island people as they, and you, experience a historic cultural change.

“I entered 3 prints from the last Cuban trip in a local regional all media juried show. Two got in!! Thanks for the training.” –Joseph Truitt, Salem, Ore.

Anyone can teach you photography; Steve will teach you how to be a photographer.

The images advance every 4 seconds. Hover over any image to freeze the frame.

Cuba Photography Workshops
since 2001

With the re-opening of the U.S. embassy, almost anyone can find a way to legally travel to Cuba. So why travel with a group? Quite simply, you travel with Steve Anchell for his experience and knowledge of the island and the people, and to learn how to photograph the changing culture.

Steve knows the island, the people, and the culture, better than anyone. And he can teach you to be a photographer of people, culture, and change.

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The Cuba Experience
for Writers

June 25 -July 2, 2016

Join a select group of established writers on this first annual Writers Retreat to the exotic island of Cuba. You’ll spend dedicated time on your work-in-progress while encountering new experiences that can inspire both your life and words on the page. 

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Southern France
May 2016

Everyone, whether young or young at heart, is welcome to join Steve on this unique workshop photographing the villages and countryside of Southern France. We will be staying in Carcassone and Aix-en-Provence where we will eat the finest food and drink the best wines. From our base in these two historic medieval cities we will take excursions into the surrounding villages and countryside to photograph the people, architecture, and landscape.

Further details will be posted soon. Register on this site to receive updates.

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Not only did you help my photography technically and aesthetically with all your advice but most importantly you have motivated me to want to pick up my camera once again after a long time.”

Stavros Bashiardes
Strovolos, Cyprus


I am very inspired. I have been taking pictures everyday. You are an amazing artist/photographer.”

Audra Canestrari
Melbourne Beach, Fla.


This was one of the greatest adventures we have experienced.”

Doris Potter
Eugene, Ore.

Anchell Photography and Writing Workshops